US Department of Defense

"We have tested multiple technologies. One thing we quickly noticed is that the AtmosAir systems are reliable and AtmosAir works. We have had good success with the products and have installed them in a number of buildings."

Dennis Bonair, Chief Engineer, Fort Benning

Project Abstract

AtmosAir was called upon as part of an energy efficiency/IAQ strategy; NEVESD has over 50 buildings on Fort Belvoir Campus.


AtmosAir installed devices in AHUs. Air Sampling was completed by For Belvoir Team. AHUs were metered, and energy readings were taken. ASHRAE 62. Indoor Air Quality Procedure was applied.


AtmosAir is now installed in more than 50 US DOD Buildings, including buildings at Fort Belvoir, Guantanamo Bay, Fort Drum, Quantico, Hiccum Naval Base, Fort Benning, Fort Lee, Camp Keyes, Walter Reed Medical Center, and others.

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