Gensler Jewel Box

"AtmosAir has been a technology that we have been promoting since our installation in Los Angeles. We have now installed it in our brand-new New York Offices as well as our Shanghai office. We are constantly promoting advanced air purification and air monitoring to our clients, and we feel very secure with this product recommendation based around the extensive testing they have performed for us."

Joseph Brancato, Principal, Gensler, New York

Project Abstract

In 2016, Gensler generated over $1.18 billion in revenue, the most of any architecture firm based in the United States for the fifth year in a row. As of 2015, it operated offices in 46 cities in 16 countries worldwide. Gensler is constantly researching Indoor Air Quality and workplace wellness initiatives.


AtmosAir was installed throughout Gensler’s LA offices, “The Gensler Jewel Box.”


The AtmosAir bi-polar ionization systems made a large difference in overall indoor air quality.

The reduction of particulate matter and TVOC was substantial. PM 10 particles are small enough to breathed in and enter into the throat. PM 2.5 particles are small enough to be breathed in and enter the lungs. TVOC are gaseous elements that can cause odors and irritations.

• VOC Reduction: 40%
• PM10 Reduction: 34%
• PM2.5 Reduction: 30%

AtmosAir is currently installed in multiple Gensler office facilities and projects around the world. Gensler is the world’s largest architecture firm.

Removes 99.92% of Human coronavirus
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